WELCOME Thank you for visiting KRISTYONETO.COM, here you will find all artwork and designs available for purchase as well as archives of past works by Kristy Oneto. Kristy Oneto is a California born artist that shares her desire for color, texture and world travel through all aspects of her art and design.

This website shares the photography of her travels, the deep connection she has to the universe expressed in her paintings and her desire for stylish, edgy but fashion forward accessory and clothing designs.

Upcoming Projects

Thursday December 6th, 2012 Private viewing. Oil on Canvas. MARRS Building, Suite 170 Sacramento, CA

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ETSY.COM: "Featured Artist" Handpicked by 22 Esty Curators in 12 month's. SORELLE WINERY: Special Guest Vendor. SN&R: "Fifteen Minutes" June, 2012 Issue.


About K.O.

After living in Italy and attending art school at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, with people from all over the world, Ifound that aside from painting and photography. I loved the way Europeans accessorized!

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